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Today we talk to Travis of Gotta Have It Food Truck. Travis shares the POS system he uses to help organize and track expenses for his food truck using an iPad in this episode. Also, we announce the unvailing of our new manufacturer directory. 

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Learn about Anthony Salvagno's very first summer operating his food truck. This is part of a larger case study. 

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In this interview Travis Reeks talks about ShopKeep, the Food Truck POS software he uses for Mexi Dogs. We also get into the importance of financials of a food truck and why you might want to leverage Sam's Club as a supplier. 

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Travis Reeks started working on the business plan for his food truck Mexi Dogs in December, 2013. In only a few short months he was able to book Mexi Dogs for 20 gigs per month during the summer. Find out the process he's used to book festivals, churches and small businesses in this episode of the podcast. 

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Don't believe food trucks have the potential to scale as a business? Davin Vculek of Krush Burger is out to prove you wrong. Learn how Vculek and his business partner have expanded into a fleet of trucks, opened multiple restaurant locations, and developed a franchise opportunity.  

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Learn what it's really like to live the food truck lifestyle with Terence Rogers. Terence shares what an average day on the food truck is life, along with tips for hiring and retaining quality employees, and and education in the the secret dinner society. Click here to view links to everything we mentioned in the podcast. 

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Learn how you can take better food photographs that include text and filters, even if you're a novice with nothing more than an iPhone. For more interviews just like this check out 

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Lizzy Caston identified the food truck trend back in it's early days of 2007 and started as a way to shed light on what was happening. In this 30-minute interview Caston shares online and offline marketing tips for food cart owners. 

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In today's interview we talk to Brian Erickson a restaurant consultant that organized Truck by Truckwest in 2013. Erickson shares how a focus on customers and employees can translate into more profits for a restaurant. Read the show notes for this podcast here: 

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Mark Williams of Dough Boys Pizza Truck explains what it's really like to operate this type of business. Click here to listen to the full interview. 

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This is an interview with Matt Fuemmeler of the Boiler Monkey published on Food Truck Empire. Check out the full notes of this program here

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Episode 34 features Bob Pierson of M&R Trailers. In the main course Pierson shares his process for finding quality used food trucks and demonstrates how to evaluate a truck to ensure it will last for years to come. Also in the show we discuss how the Philly food truck Sum Pig was able to lock in a corporate sponsor... something that will likely become more popular in 2014. Visit for more interviews on starting a food truck. 

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In this interview with speak with franchisee P.J. Fiske about what his experience has been like operating a Kona Ice Truck for his first year. Find more interviews with food truck owners at 

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Jeff Morris got his start in the floral business and eventually pivoted into food carts and trucks by starting his own business called All A Cart Manufacturing. In this interview Morris shares numerous options that are available for mobile food entrepreneurs that are on a budget, including kiosks, trikes, and carts. For more interviews, visit

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Thing's are moving forward with Anthony Salvagno's food truck S'wich It Up. In this interview we learn that he just put down a $20,000 deposit for a food truck with a builder. The total cost will be $35,000 for the truck. Learn how Salvagno found his manufacturer and other tips for purchasing a food truck in this week's episode. 

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This is part of a series of posts where we follow along with Anthony Salvagno of S'witch It Up food truck as he builds his business from the ground up. This conversation talks about how he figured out the health code, fire code, and other requirements to operate his business legally. Visit to follow the full story. 

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Bank loans, crowdfunding, personal savings, business plan contest, and family members: Contributions from each of these parties were needed to raise about $50,000 for Salvagno's food truck. Visit for more interviews just like this. 

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Concerned about risk due to an accident with your business? You should be, after all a big accident can in some cases shut down a food trailer permanently. In this episode we get advice from Joel Paprocki of to see how we can reduce risk for a business. 

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Ever wonder how food trucks come up with their menus and source product for their business? In this case study, Anthony Salvagno shares the process he used to accomplish this for his own business. Direct your browser to for more interviews with successful mobile entrepreneurs. 

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This week I speak with Stephanie Ganz about developing a wholesale product from a signature item on your menu. We get into product selection to how to get your food item into grocery stores. Visit for more interviews just like this. 

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Samir of the Pakistani Food Truck RickShaw Stop shares how he built a business and why he selected his mom to be a head chef. 

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In this episode we introduce Anthony Salvagno, the co-owner of S'witch It Up food truck out of New Mexico. Learn the process that Salvagno took to build write his business plan this week at

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Interview with one of the most popular websites serving the food truck industry with Greg Gless of Roaming Hunger. This show is roughly 24 minutes in length. Visit for show notes. 

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In this podcast I chat it up with Scott Ross of Ross RV's and Food Carts. Ross was one of the featured speakers at the ROAM Mobile Food Conference earlier in the year that included many big names in the industry. In this interview Ross talks about the differences between operating a food truck and food cart. You can read show notes from this episode here

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In episode 18 I get to sit down with Mark Hamilton of Mark's Grill food truck out of Memphis, Tenn. In this interview Hamilton shares information about the process he uses to get food out to customers fast. Time is money in the food truck business and speed is critical. Visit for more interviews just like this. 

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Learn how to get seed capital for your food truck or restaurant in this episode. In this podcast we talk crowdfunding strategies you've never heard of with the CEO of 

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In this episode I get to speak with Doug from DB's Hotdog and Sausage Emporium. Here Doug shares how he funded his hotdog cart with using his tax return and a crowdfunding website called In this episode we also announce our food truck of the month for October and share how you can get an additional $1,000 in funding for your own street food business. It's all right here in 

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Dave Danhi shares how he used social media to help build anticipation and brand recognition for The Grilled Cheese Truck, arguably the most popular food truck on the planet. In this episode, we dive deep into how Dave raised awareness for his truck and why he firmly believes veterans maket the best food truck operators. Visit for more podcasts just like this. 

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In Episode 14, I catch up with Laney Strange of Memphis Punch, a trailer serving up organic smoothies to the residents of Memphis, Tennessee. During the interview Strange shares her journey of traveling from San Francisco to Memphis to launch her own mobile food business. Also, talks about the challenges in getting started and why she and a business partner opted for a trailer instead of a truck to operate their venture. This podcast is approximately 26 minutes in length. 

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In episode 10 of the FoodTruckEmpire Podcast, we speak with Jeremy Scott of Tutta's Pizza. Scott shares how he was able to convert a FedEx truck into a food truck, the ups and downs of operating a food truck for one year, and the one thing he would change if he were able to do it all over again. Visit for more podcasts just like this. 

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In this week's episode we had the opportunity to speak with Eric Silverstein of The Peached Tortilla food truck in Austin, Texas. The Peached Tortilla serves flavors that know no boundaries, including menu items like BBQ brisket tacos and all the way to banh mi. In this episode 009 of the podcast you'll find out what it really takes to become a food truck entreprenuer from a litigator turned mobile restauranteur. You won't regret listening.  But you might regret not listening. 

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In episode 008 of the FoodTruckEmpire Podcast we got the opportunity to speak with Raj of La Casa Azul, a new food truck that will soon serve the DFW area. If you're in the early stages of operating a food truck venture you don't want to miss out on this episode. Check out for show notes and links to the things referenced in the this podcast. 

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In episode #007 of the FoodTruckEmpire Podcast we interview Andy, from Andy's Italian Ices based out of New York City. In this episode you'll learn about how to survive in a competetive food truck market and whether or not you should join a food truck organization in your area. 

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Ever wonder why customers flock to some trucks and not to others? In this FTE exclusive we interview food blogger JP of to get his perspective on what makes a cart appealing to the average consumer.

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In the main course of this week's podcast we talk to Stephanie Hawkes of In this exclusive interview she shares some of the little known benefits of connecting with local food bloggers. 

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In This episode we interview Jason Brown of Love Hotdog Co., where he talks about how solar powered ice cream bikes can be a revenue booster for a mobile business. 

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In episode 003 of the FoodTruckEmpire Podcast, we interview Linda Jo Kushner of Linda's Luncheonette about how she was able to successfully gain funding for her campaign using the crowdfunding platform In the quick tip, we share two resources for getting started with 

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Today you get to listen to the first episode of the Podcast. This podcast will soon be available via iTunes in addition to

Today's episode features Ben of Ben is a lifelong entreprenuer who turned a financial apocalypse into a brilliant come back story with the help of a hot dog stand. He's got an incredible story and is an extremely nice guy. I think you'll really enjoy hearing what he has to say.

This episode is roughly 30 minutes in length and will be released on Friday July 5th 2013. I intend to release a new podcast episode each Friday morning. I may also do a bit of light blogging here and there, although that will be less consistent.

I hope you enjoy my first podcast. If you have feedback, please reach out to me via the blog. 


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