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In Episode 14, I catch up with Laney Strange of Memphis Punch, a trailer serving up organic smoothies to the residents of Memphis, Tennessee. During the interview Strange shares her journey of traveling from San Francisco to Memphis to launch her own mobile food business. Also, talks about the challenges in getting started and why she and a business partner opted for a trailer instead of a truck to operate their venture. This podcast is approximately 26 minutes in length. 

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Some people simply won't be denied their dreams. Allen Tan of MEnU food truck is one of those people. Allen fought back against the hurdles that were put in his way including no cooking experience, no capital, and debt to launch his own successful mobile food business. If you've been struggling to obtain capital for your own venture, check out Episode 013 of the podcast. 

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In this episode, I spoke with Jonathan Rausch how is an insurance agent with over 50 food trucks as clients. In this 17 minute interview Rausch shares tips for getting a better rate on your truck's insurance and explains why you shouldn't ever need to pay for a certificate of insurance. Sounds like another jam packed episode of the podcast. 

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Episode 11 features Marty Richie of Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill. In this episode we talk about Gene Simmons, getting funding for a food truck, and operating a truck part-time in the beginning so that you can test your market. Visit for more podcasts with successful mobile entrepreneurs released each Friday morning.  

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In episode 10 of the FoodTruckEmpire Podcast, we speak with Jeremy Scott of Tutta's Pizza. Scott shares how he was able to convert a FedEx truck into a food truck, the ups and downs of operating a food truck for one year, and the one thing he would change if he were able to do it all over again. Visit for more podcasts just like this. 

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