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In this episode we introduce Anthony Salvagno, the co-owner of S'witch It Up food truck out of New Mexico. Learn the process that Salvagno took to build write his business plan this week at

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Interview with one of the most popular websites serving the food truck industry with Greg Gless of Roaming Hunger. This show is roughly 24 minutes in length. Visit for show notes. 

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In this podcast I chat it up with Scott Ross of Ross RV's and Food Carts. Ross was one of the featured speakers at the ROAM Mobile Food Conference earlier in the year that included many big names in the industry. In this interview Ross talks about the differences between operating a food truck and food cart. You can read show notes from this episode here

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In this episode you'll get to know the Minneapolis / St. Paul food truck scene a bit better. Learn about our guests favorite trucks in the area or find a good place to eat if you're visiting. Visit to learn more about this podcast. 

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